This entry is from one of Z&F’s longest running fans, from my drunkduck days. I am flattered this guy followed me over to this official site and leaves me those precious comments! Jame Dyar, aka “Ghostrunner”, is the mind (and hand) behind the super popular “Grin-n-Spirit”. He is a very active member of the DD community, and even won the award for “Funniest DDer”… if you’ve read his comments, you’re probably not surprised. This entry also features “The Brain”, and Fred as Pinky! Am I that obvious? LOL, either way, an awesome entry!

Afterlife? Spirits? Good and evil? Explosions? Sci-fi adventures? Any of these entice you? If so, you should be reading “Grin-n-Spirit”. It’s a very long archive of excursions and more than enough crazy weapons, paranormal curiosities & bizarre creatures to satisfy any nerd’s desire. Push up those sleeves and dig in!