This one is from someone I had the pleasure of meeting in person at Webcomics Weekend in Massachusetts. Chuck Egan works in retail, and thus writes and illustrates a webcomic about it, called “Surviving Retail”. Being that he usually works in B&W, I was honored to be able to see his coloring work in this entry! And another terrific twist, with good ol’ Scooby-Do, how can you not love that?

This is one of those comics that has a relate-ability factor of like 100-and-5….. 99% of people have had to “survive” a retail job at least once in their lives, and in doing so, take with them professional baggage that lasts forever. Every time I read an update, I am nodding the whole time, remembering my jobs at Barnes & Noble and Tower Records… and grinning as I sit in my comfy office with no customers up my you-know-what.