One for the Philly folk! Cheesesteaks are serious stuff around here. Now, maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up around here, but I never really got hooked on cheesesteaks the way that others have around here. People here will argue over which famous chain or historical spot makes the best steak, and why…. the slicing, the juiciness, the bread, the sogginess or toasty-ness of the bread, the various add-ons that would be sac-religious to add-on, and which of the bazillions of cheese species to pick, etc etc etc. Then you hafta ORDER it the right way- with numbers and slang terms! I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I’ll have the hot chopped steak sub sandwich with melted american cheese.¬†OW! OW! Stop hitting me! What’d I say? What’d I SAY??!