Our dog is too good. She really is. I’m sure I have mentioned it before, but it’s worth saying again. Her worst trait is loving people too much. If you’re not a dog person, she may bug you. April is literally your new best friend the minute you walk in the door. And you damn well better pet her.

The only thing she even gets into is the living room trash can, usually full of nothing more than bits of paper and tissues. If we’re gone too long, she takes a single tissue out of the can and places it neatly 6 inches away from the can. That’s it dog, back to the shelter with you!

One a Side Note…

For those who know I am a Cleveland fan, yeeeeeees, I know.. LeBron James is a free agent as of midnight (erm, as I am typing this). Yes, I have heard every reason why he’s sooo totally for sure definitely LEAVING, ha ha ha. I’ll admit I changed my mind over and over as to what I believe he’ll end up doing, and most of the time I am simply protecting myself from what I have become accustomed to… Cleveland sports heartbreak. We CLE fans hope for the best but more often just expect the worst. All I know is, I have never been so ready to either welcome someone back with open arms, or completely and fully hate that same person. If he returns, I’ll never see him quite the same way, but man will I enjoy still having at least one Cleveland team to get excited about. God the Indians and Browns STINK.