So, this place really exists and it’s taken VERY seriously. The beginning of this planet, as told in the Bible, in a museum with dinosaurs and human beings living together, approximately 6,000 years ago. Not to upset any religious readers here, but there are times when science disproves certain elements of ALL religions, and it’s up to each individual which direction they want to take their beliefs. Greek mythology used goddesses’ actions to explain the weather, after all. We decided to follow science in that respect. In regards to how the world was created, our beliefs and opinions are in the midst of… well, evolving.

So anyway, The Creation Museum in Kentucky recently hosted a debate on evolution, between Bill Nye (the science guy) and Ken Ham, the founder of the museum & Christian author. I watched a portion of it, along with some documentaries on the museum, and felt compelled to make fun of touch on it.

If you feel so compelled, you can watched the debate HERE. Here’s an interesting question for those who believe evolution is fact… SHOULD scientists debate creationists? There is no debate on evolution in scientific communities. Does debating religious non-scientists give the notion credibility? I realize this is a little more complex and heavy than what is usually discussed here at Z&F, but it’s a topic that’s been on my mind as of late.

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