For an added bonus, check out the name of the pizza joint on the pamphlet.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to read THIS blog post regarding the fact that Z&F comics are posting into July (who noticed that?!!!)… I have good and bad news.

Lotsa Shows Comin’ Up!

  1. THIS SATURDAY, July 12th, is the enthusiastically adorable Kids Comic Con at the Haverford Library! It runs 10am – 3pm, and I will be on the Doodle Scribble Draw game show at 10:30am!
  2. NEXT SUNDAY, July 20th, is the Jersey Shore Comic Book Show! If you’re vacationing “down the shore” next weekend, why not drop by the Tom’s River area and see me– it runs 10am – 4pm.
  3. August 8-10th is the Boston Comic Con! It’s a 3-day geek-fest with a big focus on COMICS (not pop culture), and for those who love to wander Artist Alley to check out new indie stuff, I hear this show is basically a huge Artist Alley! And the bonus: I’m an official artist GUEST! Keep an eye out for a “Writer/Artist Collaboration” panel that I’ll be on as well!2014-site-cp