Yeah, this storyline is a bit of the tomboy feminist in me. Oh well, deal.


A peek into my workspace…

I made a great purchase this weekend, from Staples. Maybe it’ll be worthwhile to someone else. It’s the dinkiest thing, but I love it. Since I have a Tablet Laptop, and I have the freedom to go anywhere, I often end up on the couch watching whatever dorky TV show is on (right now it’s Paranormal State, as  I already got my dose of Big Bang Theory tonight too, yay!) while drawing my comic. Anyhoo, curled up on the couch with my laptop can get uncomfortable, and often ends up being a menagerie of pillows, blankets and other contraptions under my laptop so as not to strain my neck or back. Until I found this:

Told you it was dorky. I love it though, I can lay on the couch with this in my lap and my Tablet propped up at the perfect height.  It’s fully customizable too, which means I automatically love it. And it has a little light, aww.


USTREAM, baby!

Tune in TONIGHT night for my Ustream show, 8pm EST. I’ll be sketching and inking my next Z&F strip!  I’ll also have an eye on the Cavs game, so prepare for me screaming, hopefully cheering, at the game.


Special Update!

Also tomorrow, look for a special update! My first “OMG, Check it out!” blog, with a review of a comic you all should be reading! OOOoo… the suspense.