For my 300th comic, I figured the best way to celebrate would be to create a tribute to the professionals who inspired me to draw cartoons as a child, and help me improve as an adult cartoonist. Most of these were the characters I copied and “borrowed from” as I ironed out my own style. And these are only the cream of the crop, there were so many more I had to leave out, unfortunately. I owe a ton to these amazing artists and writers.
From left to right:

Jason Fox of Fox Trot

Huey of  The Boondocks

Jeremy of  Zits

Elly of For Better or For Worse

Bucky of Get Fuzzy

Hobbes of Calvin & Hobbes

Snoopy of Peanuts

Rat and a “Croc” of Pearls Before Swine

Harvey Pekar of American Splendor (who I know is a little out of place  with all the comic strip characters, but I had to include this guy. He’s from Cleveland, after all.)

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Later this week I unveil another surprise (I am full of ’em lately) just for you lovely readers. Polish up those thinking caps, and get your imagination in full gear! We’re gonna have some fun ;0)