Here it is: my first OFFICIAL update on my brand new OFFICIAL website!  How OFFICIAL can ya get? Okay, enough of that.

Everyone give your collective props to the man behind the scenes at Frumph from He dealt with me twittering him or IMing questions that all began with “Okay, now I’m stuck again…” WordPress is very user-friendly,  unless you want to custom design the entire thing. THEN, you’d better know some CSS and HTML.. or in my case… you better know someone patient with this knowledge. I owe Frumph some work for his “Anomaly” project (see link at bottom rght).

News! I have some sparkling new fanart from Mr. Argon Assistant of “The Villian Next Door” on drunkduck. Great stuff, you should swing by my fanart page and SEE it! (it’s the very last one, fyi) Then you should check out his joint comic here.

More News! Another podcast interview is lined up with TGT webcomics.. but not for a while. They’re a popular bunch, they’re booked for months! I’ll be sure to kep you guys up to date on that, but until then, please refer to the MP3 player at the bottom of this site- all my interviews one click away! wow!

That all for now, hope to see your comments! Thanks!