This one was fun to do. I won’t openly admit to enjoying drawing all the bows, but I caught myself snickering quietly when I was drawing it.

Not to make this a blatant ad for ASPCA… but…

Please Consider Adopting or Fostering!

Honestly, I have heard such sad stories about pets left behind when a families house went into foreclosure, pets let loose due to financial constraints, not to mention all the pets dropped off at shelters by more responsible owners with the same financial issues. In these harsh economic times, the animal shelters are over flowing with pets and little money or resources to feed them or house them. If you have the cash, consider donating. If you have extra food, toys, blankets, or other supplies that could be used, consider dropping them off at your local shelter. If you have the extra room in your house, consider fostering a pet from a shelter that has no more room. If you have the extra room in your heart, bring one of these homeless pets home for good.

Here’s a great place to donate online.

Here’s a great place to look up local shelters and find pets up for adoption.

Here’s a pic of a happy rescue, found as a stray on a major highway in NJ at 6 months old.

April is now about 4 years old, living with me and my husband.

and is the best dog in the world.