Not a lot to say today. Dreamhost was giving me issues, and ended up moving to a new (faster) server… and I lost a bunch of settings and coding for the site. Sucks, but Mr. Frumph of was yet again kind enough to help me streamline the site so it’s runs faster . Like an oil change and tuneup, but you lost the radio knob, favorite coffee mug & some fuses were blown. Oh well. Hang in, the old will be up again.


Tall Tale Radio

The latest TTR podcast is up. Why does this matter? Oh, gee, because I’m in it. With my (our) buddy TL Collins of Bullfinch. This is must listen, if only for Tom Racine’s classic radio voice, mmmmmm.

Webcomics geniuses Dawn Griffin of “Zorphbert and Fred,” and T.L. Collins of “Bullfinch” join me in talking about their strips, their art, and their writing. Dawn and T.L. have very different approaches, but you’ll see that there are a ton of similarites between the 4-panel gag strip and the more comic-book inspired ones. We delve into philosophical discussions on writing and the nature of digital art, and overall just have a great time. (I would like to thank Dawn for being patient with me in pronouncing her last name “Griffith” for some reason. I had it written down right and everything…but she was too nice to point that out to me at the time! My apologies!) There aren’t many better wecomics out there than these two, so, be sure to check out their sites, and take a listen to the minds behind them.

You can listen to it HERE, download it in itunes, or if you wait a little bit, check back in my Interviews section and listen while you browse my archives!