So, yeah, I’m kinda excited about “my” Cleveland Cavaliers this year as they enter the playoffs. KEEP THOSE QUARTERS AWAY from my cable box!

Actually, the way I drew Fred in that first panel made me laugh in looking at him today…. because this past weekend at East Coast Comic Con I was working on a “jam piece” with other cartoonists and I drew Zorphie the same way—


The gentleman next to me, Jeff, has worked on making the more recent Peanuts books (thus gets to draw all the characters and has nailed Charles’ style). He drew Snoopy looking all exhausted and I followed suit. I found out that other artists continued the theme on this jam piece!

Speaking of East Coast Comic Con….

Thanks to all the families and kids who found me in the Kids Love Comics section and support me and the other creators there! We had a blast meeting people and I enjoyed giving my “Alien Mad Libs” workshop on Saturday!

Next up on the 2015 Tour: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, on May 2nd at The Comic Book Shop in Wilmington, DE!