Back again this week with a SECOND new comic! Sure beats one a week, eh? My secret though: I actually draw THREE comics a week now. But I’m saving that 3rd comic for the BOOK… so when Volume 4 is released, you’ll get a TON of new comics to read that won’t be posted online!

You may already knew this, but man I despise spiders. Creepy little things with too many legs, and eyes. Silverfish are also creepy-crawlies-enducing. I have to actively get my nerve up to smoosh one. It tends to involve at least 47 paper towels, strange jittery dancing, and giving myself pep-talks out loud. Once the deed is done, I then have to work off the tension by continuing said jittery dance and will feel itchy for at least an hour post-kill. Do you have any insects you cannot stand being near? Or maybe something reptilian?

Reminder: swing back here FRIDAY for an important news post regarding the future of Zorphbert & Fred!