We’ve all been there, huh? The novelty of the great prices & cool designs wears off the minute you lay out all the tiny little pieces on the floor…. and sit there with that %$#@ L-shaped tool… and think… “yeah, right.” Mind you, I am great at assembling and following instructions, even enjoy it like a puzzle to some degree.. but half-way through I’m ready to pay the extra amount for it to be assembled and delivered to my door with a little bow on top.

Totally off topic, but.. eek…. today is 4 months until the wedding. Anyone up for some guest/fanart? I will be needing a solid couple weeks off before and after the wedding *grins*

Mini Contest Alert!

This little robo-dog will be a reoccurring character, acting vaguely as Z&F’s pet and headache-inducer. Like they don’t have enough problems. But we’ll enjoy it, won’t we? Anyhoo, it needs a name. Tomorrow I will post a special blog, complete with some sketches, for you take a gander…. and vote on a name!