Have you all had enough? I think Zorphie may try to strangle me through my tablet laptop if I do another… but regardless…….

The Grand Finale Kicks into HIGH GEAR Next Week!

Next week, Z&F goes from Mon. & Wed. updates, to FIVE DAYS A WEEK! The finale storyline begins Monday July 20th, so buckle in and grab some tissues, it’s gonna be an emotional roller coaster!

Kickstarter Update: 86% Funded! And you may be interested in THIS:

_ZF_Kickstarter_Promo7-NEWvol4A new reward level was JUST revealed… and for those of you who LOVE the Z&F comics, and maybe don’t so much need the plushies…. well, now there’s an easy way to pre-order that upcoming Book 4, AND support our campaign!!!

I’d like to remind you of just HOW MANY comics I have done behind the scenes and not posted online during the past few years here… whole storylines, finished arcs that were left with a cliffhanger, lotsa laughs! More than 1/3rd of the book is BRAND NEW never-before-seen comics! Plus all that cool bonus content I always include!

Why are you STILL HERE? Head over to the kickstarter page and lets get these plushies made!