Tee hee. I like doing a silly comic here and there. And we have all had a conversation like this with someone, haven’t we?

The haystack joke was actually an old classic inside-joke from my HS days. A friend of mine said, basically, Fred’s last line… using haystacks in place of tumbleweeds, and needless to say… we never let him hear the end of it. I believe he mixed up the words tassle and talon once too, which of course cemented the haystack joke even more. Ah, friends. Can’t live with ’em, can’t pass up a chance to make fun of ’em.

In Other News:

I’m starting to get ready, and overly-excited, for the Baltimore Comic Con next weekend. I’ll be sharing  a table with good buddy TL Collins of Bullfinch, and will be surrounded with some cool webcomics peers like the guys from 3rd World Studios, Howie from Tara Normal, Shawn Harbin whom I met at the Philly Con, and many many more. Who else will be there, hmmmmmm?

Stay tuned for more info about the con, like where our table will be, what I’m peddling, and what cool guests will be in attendance!