Everyone, a round of a applause for James Zintel, an old buddy of mine who always brings the funny. In fact, he’s a past winner of PWITM, years ago in one of the first ever contests! I enjoyed Zorphbert’s line about the energy crisis, but Fred saying he could “see through time” cracked me up! Not sure if that’s a quote from a movie, an old saying, or if James just made it up.. but either way…. the icing on the cake! Thanks to everyone for playing, and thanks James, for your excellent entry! Congrats!!!

Maybe James had a slight advantage… after all, he writes for his OWN alien- Gary, of Gary and Ted! If you have not read this strip, you are truly missing out… it has some of the wackiest spew-coffee-at-your-computer-screen humor… time after time I am amazed at the things James comes up for his alien character to do or say. One of those off-the-wall golden gems online, go read it already!