Due to my preparation for the Baltimore Comic Con, I figured another Caption Contest is in order! Keeping in line with the current catnip-origin storyline (starting HERE), lets take a second-look at this particular comic, which I think can have several different punchlines! The original, for your reference, is located HERE.

The Prize?

Z&F Book One! 200 strips, starting right from the beginning, before they’re even adopted! Read up on what you haven’t had a chance to online! It’s sooooo much easier to catch up via book, Laptops get tricky to balance while on the ‘ol throne.

Okay, now some Rules:

1. Remember this is a kid-friendly site, okay?

2. You can post up to 3 entries. Separate comments, please. Only way to enter is via the comments.

3. If you need a previous balloon changed, to better work with your punchline, that’s okay. Just notate in your comment.

4. The previous winner is invited to play, but is ultimately ineligible this round (sorry!)

*the previous winner is “Zerowolf” …. Feel free to play, but I can’t select yours!