For those who follow me on twitter, you may have heard that my HONEYMOON IN JAMAICA is this week. So, as a final send-off for all this wedding-themed fun, I figured a Put Words in Their Mouths Contest was in order. And this one’s special, as it’s a piece of guest art submitted for the “Wedding Guest Art Registry”, draw by Antoine Gagnon of The Drunken Fools! Antoine and I met at Chicago’s C2E2 Comic Con last year, and helped form the Webcomic Alliance. For a drunken good time, and a skunk, you should swing by his site.

Okay, so what’s going in this crazy scene? Antoine’s drunk groomsman comes at a very timely point, as the squirrel manager was just dealing with one of his own. Go ahead and post your script for the 3 balloons in your comment. Need some rules? okay:

1. Remember this is a kid-friendly site, okay?

2. You can post up to 3 entries. Separate comments, please.

3. The amount of text and what character is speaking is up to you, don’t worry about balloon size. Make sure you notate which character is saying what. I’ll take care of laying it out.

4. The previous winner (Samwise Galenorn) is invited to play, but is ultimately ineligible this round (sorry!)

5. This time… the WINNER GETS ……

A FREE COPY of the CON-EXCLUSIVE Z&F Mini-Book, bookmark, button pack, and a sketch of any character you wish! I’ll ship it right to ya!

Due date is this Thursday, by 8pm EST. The winner will be announced on Friday (once I get back and have the time to do it)! Now, get to it guys!