Everyone, a round of applause for this round’s winner, “derelict”! I was happy to see a twister reference in Nettika’s punchline, and, not that I planned it, but it was pretty funny to see the twister spinner match up to the punchline. So, Mr./Ms. derelict, I will be in touch soon to see what kind of prize you would like!

Thanks again to all who played this round, reading your funny entries always makes my day. As always, the runners up:

Ed Power with:

N: That had better be your leg.

Z: They should call this game ‘Twisted’.

(who by the way has a fantastic syndicated comic “My Cage“, one of my favs!)

as well as SpilledInkGuy with

N: Don’t make me turn you into calamari!

Z: And they say you can only get quality sea-food at the truck stop