Due to the insanity that is my life right now, it is time again for a “Put Words In Their Mouths” Caption Contest! And this time I am gradually completing bit by bit (sketch, ink, & color) the very panel that needs YOUR captions. It’s just like you are working right along side me, isn’t it?! As you saw in the previous update, Nettika… in her “grinchy” way… has hijacked Sproing and now has something up her sleeve to pester Zorphbert & Fred. What that something is, is up to you to disclose (if you so please), right here!

Let’s review the rules and such:

1. Remember this is a kid-friendly site, okay?

2. You can post up to 3 entries. Separate comments, please. Only post entries on this site, if you send to me on twitter/facebook I may forget or not see them!

3. The bubble sizes/order are negotiable. Just post your best entry, I’ll figure it out ;0)

4. Make sure you notetate which character is saying what.

5. WINNER GETS FREE FANART FROM ME! (if you do not have a comic, I can whip up a caricature!)

Due date is this Thursday, by 8pm EST. The winner will be announced on Friday! Keep an eye on this page throughout the week to see my process little by little, as I ink and color this bad boy!