Ack, I have such a hard time deciding on a favorite caption in these contests, you guys put in such an effort! And just like when I write, when I get stuck, I have to tell myself: KISS (keep it simple, stupid). Yeeeeesss, yes, my wordy and complex comic could have been even worse, LOL. But anyway.. I ended up choosing this entry because it was succinct, and had the added touch of referencing the last comic’s keyword: nuffles! And, I would be as scared as Fred is to see what Sproing could do on “high”, eek.

So, congrats to longtime reader and frequent commenter, “tmcelmurry”. Also one of my favorite “tweeps” on twitter, he is always on top of retweeting my Z&F posts and a HUGE webcomics fan. If you’re on twitter, you need to be following this guy!