A big “CONGRATULATIONS” with a side of “WOOOOT!” to old-time Z&F reader of yesteryear Chris Ciancanelli! For him, third time’s a charm, as I selected his last entry (which also was the very last entry overall as well). Maybe it was the fact that I am thoroughly sick of Charlie Sheen and got a chuckle out of the “beating a dead horse” line, or maybe I enjoyed learning something new as I had to google the dog hair phrase! Either way, I think Chris’ entry sums up my feelings about Charlie and is very fitting for my style of writing and Z&F as characters.

The runner-up was Rainey’s third entry, about washing Charlie’s mouth out with soap. I enjoyed the simplicity of the joke there… and SO true! Charlie actually made an appearance on the new Drew Carey Improv show on GSN (I’m a HUGE improv fan!) He attempted playing a game with the improv stars.. only to kill it promptly by swearing and being bleeped out. Nice Charlie, way to render yourself useless and ruin a skit. *tsk*

Anyway, congrats again to Chris, you’ll be hearing from me soon so I can ship you your prizes!