I know I always say I have a hard time choosing the caption contest winner, everyone’s entries are so terrific. But this time I narrowed it down to 2 and spent a half hour deciding… and it literally came down to 2 things: one entry was more typical of my writing style, and one heckuva amazing name!

So, congrats to newcomer Samwise Galenorn, who captured Fred’s cute innocence as well as the general nature of the comic itself. This may cross my mind the next time I see an airplane, LOL.

The runner up and VERY close second: Scott King with his awesome fully-made entry… a bizarrely hilarious potty joke in the shade of “purpleer”.

Thanks to everyone who played this extended version of PWITM! It seems like you guys liked the longer format… allowed the creative juices to flow. If you agree or disagree, please let me know!

In Other News:

Lots to do here at zfcomics.com lately.

Did you take the latest Z&F poll? (scroll down, on left) I’d like to hear how you found my little corner of the internet… and WHO LET YOU IN??! ha ha, jk.

Also, I have posted an official call for guest art! But this ain’t the usual “please draw me sumthin'” blog post. This is also my Wedding Registry for fellow cartoonists! Go check out this new innovative way to collect fanart!