Maybe it’s because I’m so long-winded in how I write (and that annoys me), but I sure seem to gravitate towards the succinct entries a lot of the time….. hence why I choose the clever play on words in the entry “Zerowolf” came up with! That, and it makes a terrific sidekick to my original joke! It seems my buddy Bearman agrees as well!

Congrats, Zerowolf, I’ll be in contact with you soon so you can get your FREE signed copy of Z&F Volume 2!! I hope you enjoy it, and have a terrific weekend!

As for me, I’m off to the Philadelphia Comic Con, to hopefully sell a ton MORE of Volume 2 (and 1, as well).

Thanks to all who played! I hate to disappoint those who submitted 3 whole entries… it takes a lot of thought and I really do appreciate it! I just have to go with my gut on which I like the most at that moment. Hope it was fun nonetheless ;0)