A hearty congratulations to fellow Webcomic Planet member, and Baltimore Comic Con friend, Dave LaMason of Unbearable Bears! With all the pop/comic culture characters I shoved in to one strip, in efforts to leave a bunch of gimmi-punchlines on the table, a guy like Dave says, “No, that’s too easy, I’m gonna dig deeper and reference another character myself!” And “A” for effort, dude! (and who doesn’t love Kermit!?)

Dave, look for an email from me to discuss your prize! And look for said prize to be posted right here in the next few weeks!

Runners up (because they made me giggle):

Tom Racine with:

“…Ok, after “Fantasy Inducing Photo Op,” we have a 20-minute discussion on why the Ewoks suck over on aisle 502, then it’s off to the Temple of Joss Whedon to offer a ritual sacrifice.”

Smurf with:

“Should we tell him that two of them aren’t actually women?”

Thanks again to everyone for playing, another terrific turn out! Keep your eyes peeled and your wit fine-tuned for the next round of Put Words In Their Mouths!