Congrats to Chris Otto of A Dogs Life for submitting a great entry and winning a BRAND NEW Abby’s Adventures “Christmas Carol” kids book! Chris, I’ll be contacting you soon.

Obviously, no one nailed my take on the idea, but I felt Chris’ entry was closest to it, in the “non-cold-relief-item-being-used-for-cold-relief” concept, plus the very “Weird-Kid” pastime of abusing school supplies in ways they’re not intended for, LOL. Whether it be Elmer’s Glue (as Zerowolf’s entry states), or markers, we all knew (or were) a Weird Kid in class who had an usual stash!

I also enjoyed Todd’s take on the Neti Pot….. it was just as gross-out humorous as a recent comic involving piles of snotty tissues. However, I had to pick Chris’ as it’s got that perfect “Weird-Kid” idiosyncrasy… even moreso than, say, ice cream *cough cough*

Thanks to everyone for playing and I hope your Thanksgiving was warm, safe, and FILLING!