As we prepare ourselves and our stomachs for the upcoming Holiday of Gluttony Thanksgiving, lets remember to give our brains a workout before all that tryptophan kicks in and zonks us out. How about another Z&F “Put Words in Their Mouths” Caption Contest?

A Spin on an Old Favorite:

The usual rules are to enter your own NEW joke to an already published comic, and I pick my favorite entry. THIS TIME, lets try something new. This comic is already fully written but not yet published. The contest is to see who can come closest to the final punchline I wrote! That’s right, lets see who knows Zorphbert and Fred.. and the Weird Kid…. the best.

Enter your script, along with what you think the Weird Kids is holding as his “home remedy” in the last panel.  If you need a refresher course, you can go to the beginning of this little story arc HERE.

The winner will be announced Friday, along with the official posting of this comic!

The Prize?

Being that Friday is Shopping Insanity Day and the beginning of the countdown to Christmas, in that spirit of GIVING and buying gifts for others, I offer as the prize:

…Our brand new Abby’s Adventures kids book (I’m the illustrator of the series) was JUST released! It makes an awesome gift for any kid 2-8 years old. (the series itself may be aimed at girls, but this book is based on the classic Christmas Carol story, a great tale for any child!) I invite any mother, father, aunt, uncle, sibling or friend of children to enter to win this awesome little Christmas book to put under the tree!

Okay, now some Rules:

1. Remember this is a kid-friendly site, okay?

2. ONE entry per person this time, please.

3. I will select the closest entry to my original script/idea. Please review other’s entries so you don’t post the same script again, or you’ll be asked to resubmit. This is basically first come, first serve for entries, so don’t delay if you have a good punchline to enter. If there are no close matches, I will then select my favorite entry regardless of similarity.

4. The previous winner is ultimately ineligible this round (sorry!)

*the previous winner was Chris Watkins …. I ask that Chris opt out from playing this time to give others a chance, thanks!