I actually attempted a new method with this update. Usually I add the grays in Illustrator using the live paint tool. Just click-click-click away and fill the white spaces, after sectioning off the areas where I want shadows, etc. Thing is, with small areas like the zippers, it gets annoying. This time I tried the good old-fashioned way of coloring “normally” (on my Tablet PC with the wacom-integrated pen… “normally”) on a layer underneath the layer with the lineart. It was more fun, slightly faster. A little looser, too. What do you guys think? Didja even notice? Maybe I’m a little full of myself thinking my readers would pick up on something so minuscule… LOL.

Heard of webcomicplanet.com? Well, I’m a member! Go join, my buddy and WordPress God “frumph” is the mastermind behind new community, so ya know it’ll be kick-arse.