I am back from my hiatus! Thanks to all who have faithfully hung in and returned for more Z&F goodness. After a week of having absolutely no contact with the webcomic world (you may have noticed I didn’t even leave comments on my fav webcomics either), I have learned that I need to be involved with this community and have this be a main part of my life. I need the creative outlet and a “project” to focus on. I am just kinda boring (and bored!) without it.

For those who are curious, Rick is still on the job hunt and has had a slew of interviews.. unfortunately, the pay or position isn’t always what he wants or needs. But you never know what will come of one interview– it can lead to another opportunity! So I figure every time he can network with another company/P.R. Manager a plus. We’re hanging in, we have some more time before we need to make some serious decisions…. like having our dog pass out his resumes, for example. I hear it’s “frowned upon”. ;0)