Okay, okay okay, before someone calls me on it, I may as well fess up to some inspirational movies/shows I “borrowed” from, for this storyline. Actually, in drawing the comic, sometimes I realize my inspirations after the fact… rather than before I even write the strip. Here’s the tally:

The invisible box came from one of my favorite TV shows of the past, “3rd Rock from the Sun”, in an episode where Evil Dick captures Good Dick inside an invisible box. Dick, with hands on the walls of the box, cried, “Oh my god! He’s turned me into a MIME!”. Oooh how I love the cheasy lines..

Next up, the potion in today’s strip that changes Fred into a pig, reminds me of one if my favorite childhood movies, “Sword in the Stone”… where Merlin and the evil witch have a wizards duel.. changing each other into different animals. I LOVED watching that as a kid.. wished I could be a wizard. Could also combine this with “Emperor’s New Grove”, wherein the same animal transformation sequence took place.

Speaking of the “Groove”, add in another inspirational tidbit for the last line of this strip, “Piggy face”… obviously taken from “llamma faaaaace!” in that movie. That always cracked me up, and no one but David Spade coulda pulled it off.

That’s the wrap up for the stolen, er, inspirational elements of my recent strips ;0)