Week of Announcements

First off, I just wanted to say that after celebrating the 500th Z&F comic, I’m taking a break from the comics and using this week for some awesome announcements involving this 6-year-old comic. Including an announcement about the Team Cul De Sac Book for Parkinson’s Research! Next week, however is another deal, and I’ll get to that in a second.

1-800 PetMeds Cross-Over Promotion!

Yet again, twitter amazes me with the connections you can make. After a quick tweet about how I adore PetMeds’ tradition of including a biscuit in the box when they ship your order, I received a thank you tweet from Abby, who runs the PetMeds Blog. I shared Z&F’s URL (as, yknow, it features “dogs” in a sense), and she enjoyed the comic enough to feature it on the blog! A lucky commenter will win the first volume of Z&F “Prepare to be Analyzed”…. so, if you’ve been eying up that collection for a while now, swing by and drop a comment… you could be selected!

And if you haven’t heard of 1-800-PetMeds, well, it IS a great website for pet owners. They sell everything from food, supplies, shampoos, vitamins, flea & tick treatments, heartworm pills… and usually for LESS that what your Vet does! They deliver fast, and can send you reminders when you’re due for a new shipment of recurring medicines. I always get the heartworm & flea/tick treatments for my dog April through PetMeds, if you have a cat or dog, you should give it a try! If only to squeal with delight over the biscuit in the box.



This would be an open call for guest strips, fanart or whatever you want to offer that includes our two alien friends. You send it this week, I’ll schedule for next week and include a nice little write-up and link to your site! If you wish, even include a nice promo banner and I’ll post that in the write-up as well!

Thanks in advance for allowing me this 2 week break, but the site will at least be alive and offering goodies nonetheless!