Let’s see how many ways I can beat up Zorphie! It’s therapeutic. Fred’s had his fair share of bonks on the head anyway.


My Webcomic Alliance pals and I kick it off in Chicago THIS WEEKEND, for C2E2 Comic Con! We’ll be in the Webcomic Pavilion (yes, we get our OWN “pavilion”!)…. to sell books, talk shop with other cartoonists, do commissions, and if you listen to our podcast, probably bash each other left and right. It’s what we do best, really. So if you are in the area, make sure to stop by and behold geekery at its finest!

Also, I have been selected by Rich Johnston to present an award at the C2E2 hosted Bleeding Cool Awards Ceremony! Specifically, I’ll be presenting the “Film Of The Year Made Because Someone Just Used The Phrase Graphic Novel In The Pitch” award. The awards are Saturday evening from 5:30pm-6:30pm in Room 475B, so be there! Watch me blubber like an idiot on stage! (I’m deathly afraid of public speaking)