My dog April is pretty smart, except for the occasional head bonk that makes her look stupidly clumsy. She knows a slew of tricks and commands, but 2 I cannot seem to teach her are rollover, and speak. A friend suggested a tip for “roll over”– taking a treat, and moving it past her face and around the back of her head… trying to get her to follow it and roll over after it. My dog, sees that it’s going behind her head, and just turns the other way to catch it on the revolution. Plan foiled.

Also, April is not much of a barker in general, but MAN does this dog grumble, mumble and moan. Her yawns are quite boisterous. I cannot get her to grumble on command, and barking is out of the question. And I will admit, I have made a fool of myself, making noises at her, trying to imitate her grumbles or half-barks…. she just stares at me blankly. I think she’s laughing at me on the inside. Probably tells her doggie friend about it.

Any tips from you fellow dog owners? Did you teach your dog these tricks?