I remember laughing out loud when I first heard of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I thought it was hilariously ridiculous. Y’know, crazier than my own Thundercats… no, no, Thundercats made sense and was far more logical, after all. Pshh. TMNT was more of my younger sister’s thing, but her dedication to the cartoon and toys mimicked my own for T-cats, so I had to show some respect.
I am also a professional multi-tasker, I can take on more things at once than I probably should. Probably explains all the headaches and the smell of smoke.

This weekend, peeps! This weekend I will be in Chicago for C2E2 Comic Con! Joining me at THE MOST FUN TABLE EVAR is Mr. Byron Wilkins of 1977, so it should be a raucous good time. For any of you lucky comic fans who are attending, please stop by our booth. I’ll have lots of good stuff on hand, including the NEW Z&F COLLECTION!