Everyone have a BBQ-sunshine-filled Memorial Day weekend? I hope so. I vow to not even LOOK at a hot dog or hamburger for at least a month.

Maybe it’s because I’m down to only 2 updates a week, but this swine flu storyline seems like it’s been going on forever… sick of it already. Hope you guys aren’t. Wish I could just end it abruptly, but alas…. I need to play by the rules and end it properly, like I had planned.

No ustream show tonight… sorry. Hope to reinstate next week.


This Thursday night (9pm EST) I’ll be interviewed on TGT webcomics podcast with my pals Frumph & VertigoX (from webcomicplanet, where Z&F are apart of a collective, if you have not noticed). Should be a great discussion.. feel free to stop by Talkshoe, chat in the chat room with other listeners & readers! Hope to see you there, bring your inquisitive minds ;0)