If you’re a regular here or follow me on twitter, you’ve probably already seen me babble about it— This weekend I will be in Chicago with my Webcomic Alliance pals (minus Antoine) at the C2E2 Convention! We’ll be hangin’ out at 2 tables (W02-03) in the Webcomics Pavillion… with books and Tshirts and buttons and FREE bookmarks! For you Z&F fans I’ll be selling the first Zorphbert and Fred collection, plus a $5 full-color con-exclusive minibook! I’ll also have on hand 3 books in the Abby’s Adventures kids books series: Picture Day, Dance Recital and the BRAND NEW Earth day! Perfect for “Kids day” on Sunday! So, if you’re attending, please feel free to stop by and chat!

I will also be presenting an award for the Bleeding Cool C2E2 Award Ceremony, Saturday at 5:30-6:30 in Room 475B. My award to present is “Film Of The Year Made Because Someone Just Used The Phrase Graphic Novel In The Pitch”. Yep, it’s THAT kind of awards ceremony. ;0)


Donate At C2E2!

The Webcomic Alliance is helping to get the word out about Comics for Japan, a donation fundraiser for the Earthquake and Tsunami victims in Japan. How does it work? I’ll allow the founder, DJ Coffman to explain:

Dear webcomic creators, this Friday, March 15th 2011, we’re urging you to mention the following links either in your comic or on your comic’s blog. Whether you have 10 readers or 10,000 readers, we as webcomic creators are fortunate to have an audience that we can encourage to help donate in ways that will directly aid the people of Japan. Here are the two key places you should mention in your comic or on your comic’s blog:

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The Alliance will have free sketchcards to hand out to anyone who wants to do a doodle or a comic. The donator can take it home, scan it and post it wherever they can- facebook, twitter, or on their own webcomic site!

OR, if you come to our table and text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 from your phone, you will receive a FREE combo sketchcard from Byron, Ken, and I! It’s time to GET THE WORD OUT, donate money, food, clothing, whatever you can.. These people need it, right now!


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Here’s a map so you know where the heck to find me. We’re in the back next to Artists Alley!

And oh yeah, debuting at this convention are the new “Zorphie’s Uncle Herb Pendants!” If you don’t get the reference, well you’ll just have to go HERE and read. Much thanks to my new bud “Wonky Dawn” over at Etsy! There’s a little extra something special in it for you, if you snatch up one of these guys!