You know what they say about a bag of idioms…. you can’t have just one.

Or is that Lays?

OK, OK, I swear, just one more of these….

The Grand Finale Kicks into HIGH GEAR Next Week!

Next week, Z&F goes from Mon. & Wed. updates, to FIVE DAYS A WEEK! The finale storyline begins Monday July 20th, so buckle in and grab some tissues, it’s gonna be an emotional roller coaster!

Kickstarter Update: 84% Funded! Almost There!

Since the first 3 days, the #ZnFPlushie Kickstarter has came to a slow crawl. Please consider checking it out and backing it if you can! There’s more than just the plushies too: you can snag a wallpaper for $5, an exclusive best-of ebook for $20, or even a RARE original pen & ink Z&F comic strip (one of the first 50!) for $100!!


P.S.— there’s also a NEW REWARD LEVEL! Original art lovers– snag it before it’s GONE! Read the Kickstarter update HERE.