The Grand Finale Is Upon Us…

This is quite bittersweet for me. I am both overjoyed to commence with this really awesome Kickstarter (my first ever!), but also melancholy as this means this is the final month of Zorphbert & Fred. It’s been 9 years of fun, friendship, personal and professional growth, and I regret nothing. I’m excited about where I’ll go next, too, so like I said… mixed emotions for sure.

CastThe good news for you readers is once I hit the finale storyline, you’ll be getting a BARRAGE of FULL COLOR comics! Starting July 20th, Z&F will run Monday-Friday for it’s last act… so be sure to tune in each weekday! How do you think this will all end?

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The #1 item I get asked about are Z&F plushies. I can’t deny it either, these characters are MADE to exist in plushie form! And that’s precisely the goal here, with the Bean bag Plushes Kickstarter! A little behind the scenes info: at first I got quotes from referred custom plush manufactuers, mainly based in China. The minimum order numbers were outlandish– the most reasonable set at 500 (each!). It would require a LOT of money– I’m talking $10,000+… which is a lot when it’s your first-ever Kickstarter. So, somewhat disillusioned I kept putting it off. Until I met Gina. Or, chatted more with Gina. Gina D’Angelo of Super Sox Shop, exhibits at most of the same shows I do up and down the east coast, and her awesome table setup, complete with fireplace for her “super sox”, always impressed me. It only took a couple conversations, and some adorable prototypes, to solidify my decision. Gina is the real deal.

So, the two of us have joined forces and put together this project, to have an ARMY of Z&F collectible bean bag plushes made! Need I mention… they are MADE IN THE USA? And that by backing this, you are not only supporting ONE indie artist, but TWO! Each plush will be numbered and signed by Gina, making them one-of-a-kind collectibles!Maybe you love reading Z&F, but plushies aren’t really your thing? Heyyyy, that’s cool! Comics are #1 for me too, and I usually back my friends’ comics on Kickstarter so I have HAVE THEM, lol. Well, fear not, you don’t have to pledge only for the plushes. There are other options: for $5 you get a digital wallpaper and the fuzzy feeling of helping out! For $20, you get an EXCLUSIVE ebook, which are my personally selected FAVORITE Z&F comics (how perfect for you readers!)– and yes, some of those will be from Volume 4! Or, if you really want something special to commemorate the end of Z&F, I am offering up the rare few traditionally-inked original comics, before I went digital! If you’re a collector of original art, this is the ONLY time I’m offering these comics, which I’ve held close to my heart for nearly 9 years now.


Plus, you just HAVE to see our goofy video– it features PUPPETS of us! This campaign will run all through July, from today through the 31st, so keep an eye out for new reward levels and progress pictures and blog posts! Why are you still reading this? HEAD ON OVER now, and check out the various reward levels you can back, to help make this campaign SUCCESSFUL!


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