It’s true, I’m ashamed to say. I managed to wash my 2-year-old iPhone 3GS for a full cycle this past weekend. The usual left-it-in-my-pants-pocket excuse. And it sat in there all night. *facepalm*

However, I took comfort in the fact that a quick google search revealed that I’m by FAR not the only one who has done this. Also, it revealed an interesting CURE for smartphones that have been water damaged. Yes, it indeed involved dry rice (which sucks out the moisture), and some people even recommend putting in an open oven at 150 degrees or so. That, or a hair dryer. But the oven, plus the rice, makes for funnier comics.

It’s no guarantee, but it’s a step you can try before shelling out another $200+ to replace it with your tail between your legs.

The update on my iPhone, at this point and if you care, is that the rice trick worked in that my phone is functional again- it plays music, makes calls, texts, charges, connects to wifi… with no problem. That IS pretty dang amazing if you ask me. However, the backlight is dead, so I can only use it in certain types of lighting when I can see the faint dark screen. I have heard, despite water damage usually voiding the warranty, and depending what kind of mood one of the so-called “Geniuses” at the Apple store is in, Apple may give me a new iPhone free of charge. So, fingers crossed. If I can make it until December with this 3GS, I’ll be due for an upgrade anyway… and then, hello iPhone 5.

Just a little techie tip for those of you who are idiots like me and may wash your mobile device. Or drop it in the toilet. (likely water damage incident #2)