Well, I HAD to comment on this ridiculous idea that some mathematical equation taken from the bible means this Saturday- May 21, 2011 – is Judgement Day. Even if it REALLY was, no one would believe it. Just like I’m not believing it. Hmm.. I kinda contradicted myself there… or just confused myself… either way, NOT happening. Enjoy your weekend, Rapture-Free.

With these types of declarations (as well as wars, activists against certain groups in society, and other events “in God’s Name”), I often imagine all the different Gods and higher beings playing poker in the sky, looking down on us, shaking their heads, saying “Man, these idiots keep getting it ALLLLLL wrong…”

This is why I just keep it simple and live by the Golden Rule. That covers almost everything, doesn’t it?

Off to good ol’ Cleveland this weekend, for my cousin’s wedding and an Indians baseball game! weee!