Happy Halloween to all you Z&F readers! Thanks for your support, hope you enjoy this SPECIAL update! I’m betting you recognize the other characters from Carlisle’s Steal The Comic and TL’s Bullfinch! What a cool collaboration, it was a blast guys!

The BEST part about this is it’s a 3-fold update! Head on over to both of the other sites for NEW jokes! We each did our own dialog for our posters, so there’s more to read, folks! Head on over to their sites to see how they each added their comedic touches. (well, stick around long enough to give me some tricks & treats –ie: comments– and THEN go over).

Caption Contest Update!

Thanks to everyone who entered the “Put Words In Their Mouth” Caption Contest! I will give entrants a little more time, you have all weekend to come up with a good zinger (or two. or three)! I will pick my favorite on Monday, and announce the winner with Tuesday’s regularly-scheduled update! The Fanart Prize will be posted shortly after, oh goodie oh goodie!