Ahhhhh butt jokes. I try to be sophisticated and clever and observational in terms of my writing, but every once in a while I bow to the lure of a good butt joke. Or in this case, making fun of a butt joke.

10367737_10203383144691816_1164689239574251479_nFor those of you who know me well enough to be wondering.. YES, I’m welcoming LeBron James home to the Cavaliers. Why? Well, the graphic to the right here explains it all. A 50 year sports drought ain’t easy. Forgiveness helps, but the fact that the best players in the league is on my team– yeah, that’s the key point. You can read my initial reaction, along with a handy “Evolution of Lebron in Cleveland” timeline I made, HERE. Honestly I’m still a bit in shock that he actually CHOSE to return and in such classy form, but aside from grudges and petty “integrity” in sports fandom that some critics may accuse us of, most Cleveland fans are just happy to have a chance at ONE championship… before we DIE. So, welcome back, dude. Lets get to work.


My next show is THIS SUNDAY!!!

… in Tom’s River NJ. The Jersey Shore Comic Book Show, 10am-4pm!
Hitting the shore for a weekend trip with the hubby and mother-in-law, and I figure– why not sell some comic books too??