While I take a much needed break after my 500th comic, and some exciting announcements about the Team Cul De Sac Collection 1800-Pet-Meds Cross-Promo, and my 2012 Convention Schedule…. this week is open advertisements for some big supporters, readers & friends, because:

It’s Guest Art Week at Zorphbert & Fred!

This one a fun mash-up between Z&F and Michael Phelps’ comic Life on 66, which centers around a gas station on the famous route that stretches across America. I had never given thought to Z&F’s spaceship or how they would fuel it here on Earth, so this just about solves that dilemma. Thanks Mike!

Check out Mike’s comic for change of scenery- as he puts it: “Somewhere between hillbilly and urbania”…. there’s probably a gas station with an owner who knows everyone and a little cafe with great coffee and pie, with a practical joke or two thrown in for entertainment. It’s definitely a fresh change of pace from any other webcomic you have read!