While I take a much needed break after my 500th comic, and some exciting announcements about the Team Cul De Sac Collection 1800-Pet-Meds Cross-Promo, and my 2012 Convention Schedule…. this week is open advertisements for some big supporters, readers & friends, because:

It’s Guest Art Week at Zorphbert & Fred!

Devout readers of Z&F do not need to be introduced to Chris Otto of “A Dog’s Life”, as he’s been quite active here– multiple fanart pieces, a winner of a PWITM Contest, and someone who just loves to pass on the good word about Z&F on twitter, G+ and facebook. I love Chris’ idea here of a lost-in-space package of Fred’s finally showing up…. and the fact that there’s a LIGHTSABER inside!  In case you haven’t heard of “A Dog’s Life”, swing by the cast page to get an idea of the goofy, colorful dogs, humans and other creatures that roam the universe of Chris’ comic. There’s a clever storyarc called, “Bark to the Future“, which is worth diving into! If you guys are dog fanatics, which is likely if you read Z&F, spend some time checking out Chris’s fun corner of the webcomics world! Thanks so much for this Chris!

P.S. Yes, the #1 in the title indicates Chris has MORE where that came from!