Well, here we go. You safely buckled in? Got yer tissues and comfort food? The last leg of the GRAND FINALE has started, in full color I might add. Look for NEW COMICS every weekday until… *sniff*… the… THE END.

Z&F have received the details on their final mission… which of course is some question so existential, even we humans cannot answer it. How would aliens be able to do so?

Wondering why I am ending the comic, what I’m gonna do with myself after this, and why you somehow missed this? Read the ANNOUNCEMENT.

#ZnFplushies Kickstarter Update: 106% Funded!

Last week we met our $3,000 goal!!! But now the STRETCH goals are on the horizon:


  • NEW reward level revealed on Monday: SUPER Art Admiral, featuring fantastic art by Michael Pohrer!
  • Did you miss the REVEAL of the Comic Colonel reward level? PRE-ORDER Book 4 via the Kickstarter!!!
  • Keep an eye out this Wednesday because a reward level I have been BUSTING AT THE SEAMS (no pun) to reveal is going LIVE! (OMG you guys, OMG.)