It’s funny the things one searches for in google images when they need a reference. When I decided Fred would carve a “Hello Kitty” pumpkin I had to see if someone else did it.. and HOW they did it. Pumpkin-carving designs are harder to create than you think!

Turns out, and as with most everything… it’s been done before.

New Stuff!

A couple small changes to your favorite website featuring alien dogs…

  • THREE TIMES A WEEK Updates! That’s right, I’m working my hardest to bring you Z&F comic goodness Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Does that seem like too much to keep track of? Well– you can follow Z&F by subscribing to the RSS Feed, or by subscribing to the email newsletter (no spammy stuff, I swear!)
  • OOOooo… COLOR! As you can see, Z&F will now be in FULL COLOR! In refining and tweaking my process of coloring, I found a way that’s quick and fun and will allow me to add color without losing (too much) sleep! Amazing how a little color works wonders, huh?
  • New Page for Pet Lovers! I am unveiling a new page for pet lovers (yes, even cats… eww) that allows the community here at ZFCOMICS.COM to show off their little “Space Cadet“. If you have ever been suspicious of your pet dog/cat/fish/hamster/rooster/ferret/rock/etc… wondering if they, too, are closely watching you.. ANALYZING you, for some alien research mission… snap a picture and share it HERE! Plus, vote for others pics, and get ideas to add more of your own! Just a fun little corner of my interweb home for you Z&F readers. :0)

If you have a funny pet…. maybe one you’re a bit suspicious of, considering what you’ve read about Zorphbert and Fred– go post a picture of your furry friend, or tell us a funny story!