Please, you guys KNOW this strip is family friendly. What did you think I was gonna draw?

Oddly enough, even though it’s a tagline I often use for the comic, “Humans are Weird” has never appeared as a punchline. I figured I could showcase it here, in my last Z&F comic for months… aak, what am I gonna do with myself?

Oh yeah, get married.

Ready to Celebrate With Us???

I am so excited to share with you all the hilarious, creative, clever, unique masterpieces that were bestowed upon me, from my Wedding Guest Art Registry. I am truly humbled, not just by the massive turnout of “gifts”, but by the well wishes, the quality and variety of styles, and by the new friends I have made through this process. Okay, okay, it was one of my better ideas… I’m so glad I worked up the guts to ask for guest art.

Look for a new Z&F-themed wedding guest piece to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for.. well, for a WHILE! As I said, I received such a wonderful turnout from you terrific readers and fellow creators, that I can take an extended break to recover from wedding-palooza and just enjoy the company of my ..*gulp*.. HUSBAND.

God, that sounds weird.