Poor Fred. Always the alien dog, never the flower girl. Wenches get everything, man.

Dawn’s Actual Wedding Experience:

We had our ceremony outdoors, and although early November is usually pretty mild here… it was just under 50 degrees that day. Lets just say I’ll bet our photographer never got those group shots done as fast than at our wedding.

The mothers and fathers got along just fine throughout, my dad is not the threatening type, and the lampshade/golf-club-free groomsmen were in their places when my dad and I walked along the rustic patio path from the mansion to the “overlook” stairs where we tied the knot. We did not have a flower girl or ring bearer, or a big procession for that matter. Our ceremony was a whopping 8 minutes long and featured 2 readings by the mothers, one being “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Suess.