It was.. interesting… coming up with what foul-smelling items to combine for the last panel’s text. I actually googled “smelly things”. Really. I like the  simplicity of this one, at times I think I way over-do the text.

Wizard World Recap

Well, it was fun, and tiring.. and made me realize I am past due to get my own friggin table already…. stop wandering around like an idiot passing out free stuff (er, more like shoving it in the faces of innocent passers-by). I got to meet a great group of people, most of which I know online. First off, James Riot (“The Path”) and his “Mediocre Militia” (consisting of Dave, Joe & Zac) whom I remember from my days on drunkduck. Great bunch of guys, they let me hang out at the their table and once I get my disposable camera developed (I forgot my digital camera, d’oh!) I’ll have a bunch of pics. Also hanging out with them was Jon Klein (aka: “dockworker“), whom I met at the very same WW Philly Con 2 years ago, at the drunkduck table! I also caught up with an old bud TL Collins of “Bulfinch” and “Superfogeys Origins”, and the 3rd World Studios peeps, which was awesome.

Finally, I had the honor of meeting Miss Jennie Breeden of “Devil’s Panties”. I have heard on podcasts before that she is just a pleasure to talk to– and it’s true!– fun with just a tinge of crazy, but in a good “I AM at a Comic Con” way. Especially her Pirate friend, but that story will have to wait until those pictures are developed, heh heh. She knows how to break the ice and douse that first awkward moment of “I know you, but you don’t know who the hell I am”. I gave her some Z&F goodies, and she seemed impressed… but who knows how many times she’s said similar nice things to her aspiring readers, yknow? LOL.

Anyway, it was a good time, mingling with these people who, just like me, work in solitude most of the time and finally get to see that those nice people on the other side of the computer screen, REALLY ARE real!